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Disclaimer: Contents are reposted from NXT Angel's review from NXT Singapore - Gadget Gear Technology.

We’re now in our second “Phase 2”, where we are all mostly stuck at home and encouraged not to go out. Even if we could, we could only hang out in groups of only 2. Now that we are all stuck at home, and working from home, I figured it was the perfect time to try out the OBSBOT Tiny webcam.

This may come as a surprise but personally, I have never owned a webcam before! I have always been stuck using my laptop’s front camera, which honestly is not of the best quality. I faced troubles such as pixelated streaming, video lag, and overall bad picture quality. This made me even more excited to try out the OBSBOT Tiny. Check out the short unboxing video that I did below!

Breaking the boundaries of Video Calls

OBSBOT Tiny was born in the time of the video communication explosion. For me, I have regular meetings with my friends for our school project. With the OBSBOT Tiny, it opens the door to a new video communication experience. What I realised was that my videos become crystal clear, higher resolution, and no lag. Even with multiple people on stream, there was no problem.

AI Tracking with Auto-Frame

This was a really cool function that I really enjoyed playing with! The OBSBOT Tiny uses deep learning neural networks to achieve AI tracking with auto-frame, it always keeps stable and smooth tracking you and automatically keeps you framed front and centre in all your streams and videos. This comes hand-in-hand with gesture control. OBSBOT Tiny has first of a kind implementation of gesture control in AI webcam.

I did the gesture of holding my palm out and the camera was able to recognise this gesture immediately. This gesture means ‘asking’ the camera to focus on my face. As seen in the video above, what’s cool was that when I moved, the video could track my face and follow me! With simple gestures, I can select/cancel track the target, as well as zoom in/out. There is no need to press the button or interrupt my flow.

AI Auto-Exposure and Smart White Balance

OBSBOT Tiny is totally different from any other webcams in auto-exposure and white balance. I feel that the lighting makes everything look so good on video. Due to the current Covid restrictions, I could only meet my friends online. My friends even complimented how good the lighting looks on my video!

Strong Audio Support

This is my friend taking a screenshot from her iPad when we were playing games! When playing games with my friends online, other than video, audio is the next most important. In the OBSBOT Tiny, premium audio performance is given with built-in dual Omni-directional mics with noise cancellation.

Unparalleled Privacy

I can also simply tilt the camera down to instantly shield myself from view. At a moment’s notice, I can have instant privacy.

Overall, I had such a pleasant first experience with my first ever webcam. After experiencing the features of the OBSBOT Tiny my expectations have increased tremendously. I now understand why people buy premium webcams instead of just using their laptop camera. The OBSBOT Tiny retails at S$289, get it here.

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