NXT REVIEW: World’s Smallest Instant Camera Polaroid GO, My Go-to Camera
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This is the world’s smallest analogue instant digital camera at 2.4 inches high and 3.3 inches wide. As a big fan of instant cameras, I couldn’t wait to try my hands on this! I love capturing moments on the go, making the Polaroid GO perfect for me. 

Designed to be ‘pocket-sized’ and weighing only a little over half a pound, the Polaroid Go is meant to be very convenient to carry around. I wear it around my wrist with the included wrist strap. It was very convenient for me to carry around, like today, I only left the house with my camera and nothing else! I did not have to especially bring a bag out. 

Leaving the house, I was not worried that the camera was going to run out of battery. It lasts through 15 packs of the film before needing to be recharged via USB. Each pack of Polaroid Go film includes eight 67 x 54mm (2.6 x 2.1-inch) shots, which have a square 47 x 46mm (1.85 x 1.8-inch) image area. 

Selfie fans, rejoice! I appreciate the reflective surface of the camera that really helps with composition. The digital shot counter next to the power button makes it very convenient to instantly know how many films are left in my camera. This stops me from prematurely opening the film drawer and ruining any shots remaining. Some functions include double-pressing the flash button which activates double exposure shooting and holding it downturns on the self-timer.

Pictures wise, the film produced dreamy, pastel-like colours, which I feel is an acquired taste. The retro vibes with impressive detail were more than enough to convince me.  Close-ups may appear blurry, so I would advise taking photos of a longer range. 

Outdoors, exposure is usually on point, with the flash helping to softly illuminate subjects without overpowering the natural light of a scene. Though turning the flash off tends to result in more realistic colours, I would still recommend turning on the flash. 

The boxes of the camera and film also come with both decorative and display stickers, which I feel was a very nice touch and made the whole experience feel whole. I was able to easily put up my favourite photos, and remember those memories forever! 

After a quick hike at West Coast Park, I went down to my favourite hawker centre for lunch, Rong Liang. They serve amazing duck rice and soup. Then, for dinner, we went grocery shopping at Don Don Donki where we snapped more pictures of the food! Finally, at night, we had my favourite – Japanese food for supper. Even while taking a wide shot of the shopping aisle, the image looks clear and distinct. It was small and easy to keep the memories close to my heart. 

If there was an autofocus function, my experience would be beyond perfect. However, even though I wasted a few films testing out close up shots, it was easy to get the hang of it. Keep completely still! It’s small enough to carry around everywhere, making it perfect for spur-of-the-moment snaps. With eye-catching colours and incredible detail, Polaroid GO is my go-to instant camera.

The Polaroid GO is available now at OSTSome.com The camera with Double Pack Film currently retails at S$228.00.



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