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Shoot Videos like a Pro with Hohem iSteady Q

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Shooting awesome travel videos or fancy vlogs has been kept for the professionals till lately. Video editing is made simple with video editing apps, and now, you can shoot videos at a whole new level with Hohem iSteady Q, a selfie stick, tripod, and gimbal all in one. Whether you like to live a private life or share your moments on social media, the Hohem iSteady Q is a great companion to shoot videos like a pro for you and your friends’ enjoyment. 

The most useful feature to me is smart stabilisation, which allows me to take smooth videos. The stabilisation stick takes away a lot of the shakiness in videos with the single-axis brushless motor which was not possible if I was recording videos handheld or using an ordinary selfie stick. I probably forgot how to set up and stabilise a pro camera gimbal, but iSteady Q does the job automatically.

The iSteady Q can spin the phone from 300 to 360 degrees with just one tap for cool cinematic effects and transition shots. This provides better panoramic photos and for taking 360-degree view videos, especially if there is beautiful scenery in front of me that cannot be captured well enough in a photo. The inception mode will flip the phone to a maximum of 300 degrees, allowing me to take a spinning shot at the simple press of a button. 

Making sure my limbs or head does not get cut off from my video is now really easy! Hohem’s iSteady Q has a face tracking feature that will follow my movements by rotating the phone and keeping my body within the frame. Whether I am recording a fitness or fashion video, the iSteady Q has got my back or face. 

I have always admired cool camera tricks and I am excited that I can achieve similar effects with the Hohem Joy app that lets me clone myself and do a Dolly zoom for extra dramatic effect. No video editing is needed with the cinematic template effects!

The iSteady Q also comes with a detachable remote controller that lets me snap pictures and record videos at a distance while using it as a tripod, especially useful if I am alone. The handy remote allows me to zoom in and out, switch from horizontal to portrait mode, switch the front and rear cameras, and rotate the phone.

Here are some content ideas to get you started on your fun video journey:

  1. Travel videos after 2 years without holidays
  2. Day in the life video about your day job
  3. Vlog of your family day out
  4. Pet video to showcase your cute furry friends

With iSteady Q, you do not need big chunky expensive gimbals and cameras to shoot a smooth quality video. All you need is this portable device the size of your hand and you are good to go to shoot like a pro.

Hohem iSteady Q is available in black and white for S$69 at


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