Powerwatch Latest Software Update

The new PowerWatch firmware update is here! Power saving features have been added, as well as under-the-hood improvements to notifications, alarm and timer modes, and Bluetooth performance!

  • Firmware: V2.5.6r0
  • iOS App: V.1.4.3
  • Android App: V1.5.0



The following new features have been added:


Sleep Mode

The watch now reduces its power consumption when it is tracking sleep. The watch now detects when you are sleeping and transitions to Sleep Mode. In this mode, the screen is turned off to save power, the backlight gesture is disabled, while all other smartwatch features remain active. While the screen is turned off, simply press any button to Peek Time and display the time for 10 seconds. In dim lighting, you can also Hold Back button to turn on the backlight and Peek Time. The watch will automatically transition back to Normal Mode when it detects motion. Alternatively, sync with the app or Hold Select to immediately enter Normal Mode.


Off-Wrist Mode

When the watch is not being worn, it will disable further health measurement functionality to conserve power. Similar to Sleep Mode, the watch transitions into Offwrist Mode when you are not wearing the watch. This mode functions similarly to Sleep Mode, except that activity/sleep tracking and heart rate measurements are suspended. You can leave Offwrist Mode the same way you would for Sleep Mode.


Watch Mode

In this mode, all smartwatch features are turned off and only timekeeping is active. This means activity and sleep tracking, gesture detection, heart rate measurement, GPS, and BLE are disabled in this mode. You can access this mode by entering watch Settings > Watch Mode and Hold Select. To exit Watch Mode, simply Hold Select and it will return to Normal Mode.



Some other improvements include:

  • Reworked notification engine. Notification-induced resets should no longer occur, and various notification-related bugs have been fixed.
  • Reworked Alarm and Timer. Alarm and Timer should now be more reliable. Settings for Alarm and Timer are now stored and will be retained even after watch updates and resets.
  • Multiple translation updates.
  • Multiple BLE stability updates. Fixed a number of issues that were causing BLE disconnections and watch resets, especially when the watch is paired to an Android device.
  • Improved heart rate and temperature charts in apps. The apps now plot 7-day averages for your heart rate and skin temperature so that you can tell how your body is measuring relative to historical data.



  • iOS Offline Sync mode
  • App Push Notifications

·  More reductions in power consumption


Watch more about Powerwatch 2 



1 comment

Didier Petre

Didier Petre

I wear a Powerwatch 2 since March.
Upto July, it worked fine, except minor problems (Bluetooth, GPS).
In July, the firmware V2.6.5r0 completely locked the device in “Off-wrist” mode, making it totally unusable.
In September, the firmware V2.7.3r0 completely locked the device in “Watch mode”. Thus, usable as a watch, but with all the “smart” features disabled. Even chronometer, timer,…
I remain admirative of the engineering of this product, but the software part is pitiful. And the support is absolutely non professional.

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