Nuraphone Gaming Microphone


Introducing a high fidelity gaming microphone designed for the Nuraphone —the world’s first personalised headphone.

Transform your gaming experience with Nura personalised sound. A patented technology, the Nuraphone’s self-learning engine is the only headphone that automatically learns and adapts to your unique hearing.


The award-winning Nuraphone has established Nura as a leader in personalised sound and changed the music experience forever. Now, this unique technology is expanding to the world of gaming with the release of the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone.


With uncompromised audio quality placing you right inside the game, the Nuraphone enables you to hear every single detail so you can experience unparalleled immersion. Gain a competitive advantage and add a new dimension to your favourite games with the Nuraphone and Nuraphone Gaming Microphone in your arsenal.

The Nuraphone’s pioneering Inova architecture creates dual isolation combined with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), preventing sound leakage and blocking outside noise. The over-ear drivers deliver tactile bass and low tones you can feel allowing the game to come to life.


The inner ear piece provides all the clarity you need in the mids and highs, so you never miss a sound.


The Nuraphone is engineered to last with high-end build quality encompassing premium Japanese steel, aluminium and biocompatible soft-touch silicone.


The Nuraphone Gaming Microphone is flexible, to suit your preferred position and allows easy volume control and toggle to mute. Compatible with all your gaming platforms including Microsoft Xbox, PC/Mac, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and streaming.

For the ultimate enhanced multiplayer gaming action, play with other Nuraphone owners. Your team will have your back when they can hear what you can.

When you’re finished gaming for the day, experience a revolution in music listening with Bluetooth AptXHD wireless option and enjoy other Nuraphone features. One superior headphone for all occasions






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